Fred Koller

Musings and Remembrances

I have come to the age where one slowly becomes accustomed to hearing of an old friends passing in a phone call or a conversation at work or while shopping.

Death has not been a stranger. Sylvia Price a brilliant songwriter/soulmate from Moore, Oklahoma was found in a pond back when she and I were both in our early twentys. Her memory
haunts me to this day. I still catch a glimpse of her when I listen to singers like Anais Mitchell and Adele. Her passing robbed the world of a unique and wonderful musical force.

Over time I hope to be able to share my thoughts about Shel Silverstein, Bill Morrissey, Townes Van Zandt and Keith Whitley names you are familiar with and others like Carlo Carlini, and Charlie Williams who changed the course of my life. I hope to be able to honor their memory.

Stay tuned.